XMSTORE Solar Powered Mole Repeller Review: Using the Sun’s Assistance for Your Pest Problem


No one likes having moles in their garden. They leave mounds of dirt everywhere, tear up the yard, and generally make a nuisance of themselves. While killing the moles or hiring someone to get rid of them can be one idea, there is a nonviolent option that will make the moles leave you alone on their own. That option is in this solar powered mole repeller review.

Mole repellers are becoming more popular with gardeners and others plagued by these furry diggers. The repellers get rid of the moles without hurting them, making it a humane option. There are a wide variety of repellers on the market, and we looked at several in our solar powered mole repeller review.

What Is the XMSTORE Solar Powered Mole Repeller?

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The XMSTORE Solar Powered Mole Repeller is the first candidate in our solar powered mole repeller review. The product requires very little setup time and doesn’t harm the moles. The repellent kit looks like three garden stakes, and you simply take the stakes and place them into the ground where the moles have been coming in and out. Each stake covers around 20 feet of the area with sound: perfect for most gardens.

Using Sound as a Repeller

Once the stakes are placed and turned on, then they begin to vibrate. This vibration produces sound waves from 400 to 1,000 hertz. Human ears won’t be able to hear it, but the ears of rodents such as moles, gophers, and voles will hear the sound. Then the critters will be driven away because sounds at that high frequency are painful to their ears.

Product Specs

The mole repeller is a humane way to get rid of moles and other underground creatures, allowing you to make sure that the creatures are gone for good. It typically takes a few days for results to be seen, but once the moles are gone, you’ll have your yard back.

The stakes do not require batteries or electricity to run, so you can confidently leave the stakes running in your yard and know that the attached solar panels are doing their job. If the panels ever break, then the stakes switch to rechargeable batteries instead. Plus, the repeller is even waterproof, so you can run the system even in a rainstorm.


You can buy the XMSTORE Solar Powered Mole Repellers online through resellers like Amazon, and their typical price is $50. They are pricey compared to poisons, but they do last longer than products you have to continually reapply.

How It Compares

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We took this product and compared it to several others for this solar powered mole repeller review to see how it stacks up against other options available to you.

  • Sweeny Sonic Spikes
  • Enviro Pro Mole Scram Granular Repellent
  • Luster Leaf Fend Off

XMSTORE Solar Powered Mole Repeller

Ease Of Use

You just need to turn the item on and then it automatically starts working. It stays working so you can be sure the moles will stay away.


The repeller’s stakes look like typical stakes and they blend in well with the yard. If anyone sees them, the repeller almost looks like a really high-tech sprinkler.


Our testing found that the XMSTORE Solar powered mole repeller was effective at repelling moles. It takes a little while to see results, but for most people you will get the desired result.

Overall Value

The XMSTORE Solar Powered Mole Repeller is a good non-intrusive and harmless mole repeller that will keep your yard fresh and free from moles. The solar power and waterproofing is a nice touch, giving us the confidence that the repeller will always keep working.

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Sweeney Sonic Spikes

These spikes work almost the same as those from XMSTORE: they are spikes you place into the ground that emit sonic pluses. The spikes cover almost 95 feet, ensuring that moles, gophers, and other pests are chased away unharmed and never come back.

Ease Of Use

The spikes go into the ground easily and work well. They require 3 ‘D’ batteries each to work, which you must provide yourself. However the batteries do work for 4 to 6 months before needing to be replaced.


To put the spikes into the ground, you’ll need to dig a hole and place the spike inside. Make sure it is level with the ground and you won’t ever worry about tripping over it. This makes the spikes unobtrusive and you won’t need to worry about ruining them the next time you mow.


You’ll need to have the spikes on and activated for around 1-2 weeks before you’ll see any effect, and you’ll need the right soil to carry the vibrations to the moles. If you have clay or moist earth as your soil, then the full power of the sound will travel through and repel the critters faster.

Overall Value

These underground solutions are pretty good, especially if you don’t want spikes in the yard where they can be tripped over. The repeller removes the moles by using sound, and the batteries last a long time. You will have to wait to see results and occasionally monitor the spikes to make sure the batteries don’t run out.

Enviro Pro Mole Scram Granular Repellent

This mole repellent isn’t a spike that uses sound but instead granular pellets that repel the creatures. You just place the repellent around your yard before mole season, and then the moles don’t even think about coming to your yard! As a bonus, the granular repellent doesn’t harm people, animals, or the soil, so it’s perfectly safe to use.

Ease Of Use

The granular formula works by producing a foul smell and taste that will cause moles to dig in the other direction. In addition, it also gets rid of the grubs and insects that moles eat. If your yard has no food sources, then the moles have even less of a chance to appear and cause trouble for you.


The formula looks like regular dirt. Once you pour it around the yard and let a few days pass, it will seamlessly mix into the look of your yard. You might not even know it’s there after a few days.


The repellent is long-lasting, and we found that it typically lasts around 3 months without rain. The repellent also keeps other pests away, like skunks.

Overall Value

We couldn’t find anything wrong with it in testing, although it is important to know that if you live in a rain heavy area, you will have to reapply it as needed. The same goes with snow and snowmelt, where the product will typically run off with the soil.

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Luster Leaf Fend Off

This repellent is really different, as the repellent product is delivered by clips instead of granules or spikes. The product looks exactly like large clothespins, and you can clip them on fences or other items to provide a powerful odor. The odor is primarily garlic, which is just as repelling to animals as it is to humans.

Ease Of Use

Just as if you were hanging up a clothesline, you can clip these to fences or plants to create a barrier. Nothing more to it! The clips don’t harm the plant, and they can be easily removed if needed.


With their blue and white coloring, these are noticeable unless you cover them or blend them into the material somehow. Your neighbors might give you some funny looks with this one. They also can smell of garlic once you break the seal, although the smell gets weaker after a while. After about a day, the moles can still smell it, but you won’t.


The clips do create a barrier, and with 50 of them in the bag, you can easily cover a larger area or make sure that you have backups to replace worn-out ones when needed. As long as you don’t break the seal of the bag and release the garlic smell, they are useable no matter what.

Overall Value

If you don’t mind a little smell and the clipped pins on your fence or plants, then these repellents really work. The smell will overpower the noses of moles and other pests. They’ll stay away from your yard: and so will skunks, stray dogs, and other animals with keen senses of smell.

Our Solar Powered Mole Repeller Review

Small Eastern Mole

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The XMSTORE mole repellers worked just fine in our testing, and their longevity was the key selling point for us. We just placed the spikes down and then left them there. They worked no matter what, and the moles stopped messing with our yard. We rate it a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars.

If you want to get rid of moles and other underground creatures tamely and humanly, then this solar powered mole repeller review is the right thing for you. Then you can get back to your yard being covered in smooth and lush green grass. Isn’t that every outdoorsman’s dream?

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