Shoo-Fly! 8 Methods for How to Get Rid of Horse Flies

Horse Fly in a branch

Insects: love them or hate them, are just part of life. We know the usual offenders, like the random spider on the wall, a bee buzzing around your flowered patio, ants at a picnic; and then those flies! Houseflies, as annoying as they are, are relatively harmless, you know… minus the regurgitating on your food. Horse flies are the stuff nightmares are made of. One you've got them, you'll run through the town, ringing a bell and asking everyone you see how to get rid of horse flies.

What Is a Horse Fly?

Horse fly in a leaf

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In short, this is a miniature, flying vampire. In a world full of many kinds of flies, it's important to know which fly is in front of you so you know how much you should worry and what kind of effort to put in to getting rid of and prevent them. So, how many kinds of flies are there? 120,000 to be exact.

The Housefly

Blow Flies

Flower Flies

The Dreaded Horse Fly

Should You Get Rid of Horse Flies?

There is no environmental impact to killing the houseflies in and around your home. They're not endangered, and you getting rid of the several hundred in your vicinity will not create a climate avalanche of destruction affecting generations to come. They have a place in the circle of life, but it will be ok if they're just not on your land.

You definitely want to follow through on how to get rid of horse flies, and you'll want to do it sooner rather than later.

Horse Fly Bites

How to Get Rid of Horse Flies: 8 Methods

Now you know why to do it, it's time to learn how to get rid of horse flies. The first and easiest way is to target them at certain points in their life cycle, starting with bearing in mind how much they like water.

Remove Standing Water

Sticky Fly Paper


Bug Zappers

Odor Baits

Funnel Traps

Horse Fly Traps



Being bitten by a female horse fly is no joke and not something you'll likely forget. When they swarm your property, you can get trapped inside your own home. Figure out how to get rid of horse flies that works best for you, sneak out under the cover of night and wait for the show to begin the next morning.

Featured Photo by MOHD AZRIEN AWANG BESAR on Unsplash


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