Raid Ant Bait Review: Luring The Ants In To Keep Them Out

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Having an ant problem in your home is no joke, as the ants can get into your food, water, and other dark spaces. If you or your family is allergic to ant bites, then an ant horde can be a major problem. Sure you can swat at them and use pesticides or other forms of repellent to get them to go away, but those can cost you time and might even be dangerous for people and pets. That’s why you need to read our Raid Ant Bait review, because it will help you get rid of your ant problem at the source.

​What Is the Raid Ant Bait?

Unlike pesticides or other forms of pest control that only go after the worker ants, the raid ant bait acts in a different way. The bait acts as a food source for the ants, and when they eat it, they die. If any ant doesn’t eat the bait, they carry it back to their mound where other ants eat it. Then those ants die, and so on until the mound collapses.

​Product Specs

The Raid Ant Bait should be placed indoors only, typically around the areas where you’ve first seen the ants. Place the baits along the walls, corners, baseboards, and any other holes in your house where you suspect the ants are coming through. The bait packages inside of the Raid Ant Bait should all be used at one time to maximize the chance of ants dying.

Safety Concerns

The baits should not be eaten or taken out of their sealed containers, and you should wash your hands after you set them up. Make sure to seal all food in containers and clean up any spills so the ants will have to go towards the bait to eat. In addition, keep all pets and small children away from the bait traps, and replace the traps every three months to keep the ants away.To dispose of the products, place empty containers in the trash. If containers are still filled, do not wash the contents down the drain, but instead call your poison control center to dispose of them.


We found that the Raid Ant Bait can typically be bought for around 5-10 dollars. With the bait being available in various hardware and department stores, such as home depot and target. You can also find the bait at online realtors such as Amazon and Raid’s own website.

​How It Compares

In addition to our Raid Ant Bait Review, we picked a few similar ant killing products on the market to see how they compare:

  • ​Terro Ant Bait
  • ​Amdro Ant Block Bait
  • ​Maxforce Ant Bait Station


​Raid Ant Bait


Our Raid Ant Bait review showed that the product was able to kill an ant colony and prevent their return when we switched them out. Plus the traps were non-intrusive.


The containers are pet and child proof, and aside from having to monitor the traps to make sure that they weren’t messed with, they were safe to use in our home.


While some ants avoided the traps entirely in favor of other food, the majority of them disappeared and after a week our ant problem was reduced to a few stragglers.


The traps kept the ants away, and we just cycle through them every three months to make sure they stay out of our home.

​Terro Ant Bait

Terro Ant Bait works a little differently than Raid does, as instead of using solid bait to kill ants, it uses liquid ant bait. The bait can also be used inside and outside, and all you need to do is just set things up where the ants are most numerous and then let them march in and die.


​Much like Raid, Terro uses bait to not only kill ants, but it also allows the ants to take the bait back to their colony. Any ant who eats the bait will typically live long enough to travel back and deposit the bait to the rest of the ant population.


​As long as the bait is not interfered with, it is safe to use around people, children, and pets.


​It takes about 2 weeks for the poison to affect an ant’s digestive system, so an increase in the ant population might happen before the ants start to die out. If you make sure there are no other food sources available, then after two weeks you should see a decrease.


​Since the traps can be used both indoors and outdoors, you can place them where ever you see the most ants and know that they will work for you. Plus, the bait can be used over time without fear of it losing its effectiveness. You will have to replace it after two months, though.

​Amdro Ant Block Bait

​These pieces of bait are granules that are designed to be used outdoors only, and when you don’t know where your ant problem is coming from. You place them around the perimeter of your home, and then those granules form a barrier around your home to keep the ants out.


​While it can only be used outdoors and not inside, it’s still very effective at providing a large range of protection against ants. Just spread the granules around and you’ll find that the ants take them back to the mound and kill the queen.


​You are going to have to really stress safety with this one. It can’t be used in vegetable gardens, in grazing areas frequencies by livestock, or around pets. So, if the area is host to living things or if it will be, you don’t want to place the capsules there.


​The granules kill up to 25 ant species, and the ants are able to take them back to the colony to feed to the rest of the mound before dying themselves. Thanks to it only working outside, you won’t need to worry about the ants getting in your home.


​Not only does the 12 oz bottle cover around 540 feet, but they cut off the ants at the source. So once the ants are gone, you won’t need to reapply the granules until you see ants again.

​Maxforce Ant Bait Station

​This ant bait comes with 24 bait stations in a large bag, so it’s better for the bigger infestations that you suffer in your home. This one kills after around six hours, meaning you’ll have a lot more corpses and fewer ants, faster. Just place the chemicals down and wait.


​The Maxforce Ant Bait Station is effective in controlling ants, with a large number of bait traps that can control a large room of around 100 feet. The traps are very easy to set up, and by dividing them into different places where the ants have been seen, you can get control in as little as four days


​The bait packages are durable and have adhesives attached to them, so once they are placed you don’t have to worry about the bait tipping over or being disturbed. But pets and small children should still be watched.


​We found in our review that the product killed the ants it came in contact with as advertised. The colonies were done in a few days, with only a few stragglers left behind.


​With 24 bait traps coming in one package, it was easy to only use 3 or 4 at a time, so the entire bag lasted longer.

​Conclusion to Our Raid Ant Bait Review

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We gave our Raid Ant Bait review 4 stars. It’s easy to apply and able to be bought for around $5, so it’s certainly on the cheaper side. The non-intrusive and easily placed traps allowed us to place them where the ants were coming from and make sure that all our bases were covered.

Having them child and pet proof worked wonders too, and we were able to use them without fear of harming anyone but the ants. They were also fairly easy to replace, and the only major downside was that they couldn’t be used outdoors. Also, it’s in the nature of ants to gravitate towards a variety of food sources, so not all ants will charge blindly towards the bait.

Still, if you have ants in your home and need to get rid of them, take our Raid Ant Bait review to heart and pick it up. You’ll see fewer ants in your home and soon get rid of the full colony for good, and then you can keep using the traps to keep your home ant free.


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