Amdro Ant Bait Review: Solving Your Ant Problem in a Jiffy

An ant on a mud

An ant on a mud

If you are looking for a way to get rid of fire ants, look no further than this Amdro Ant Bait review. We’ve heard nothing but good things about Amdro ant killer, but because fire ants are a serious matter, we wanted to investigate the product ourselves. Here we look at Amdro’s Fire Ant Yard Treatment and compare it to other fire ant treatments. Is Amdro the best fire ant killer? Let’s find out.

What Is Amdro Fire Ant Yard Treatment Bait?

Amdro for Fire Ant Ants is an insecticide specifically designed to kill dangerous fire ants in a single application. This ant killer comes in dry, granular form to spread it in fire ant traffic zones and fire ant colonies easily.

Why Use Amdro Fire Ant Yard Treatment?

Anyone who has ever had a run-in with fire ants knows why it’s crucial to get rid of them. If you are experiencing the pain now, know some fire ant home remedies can help, but you also need a way to keep it from ever happening again. Read on if you are on a preemptive strike and are visiting this AMDRO Ant Bait review to find the best fire ant killing product.

Some people go the old-fashioned route by stomping on ants to get rid of them, but this isn’t the most effective method. If you start stompingo n them, you’ll quickly start wondering why ants smell the way they do!. Beyond that, stomping ants to get rid of them is a futile and potentially dangerous endeavor. The best way to get rid of fire ants is to use a treatment bait like Amdro.

Amdro Brand and Chemical

Amdro, the company, represents the Amdro chemical, which is the brand name for a hydramethylnon-based insecticide. This chemical insecticide was approved for killing fire ants, cockroaches, and other pests by the US Environmental Protection Agency in 1980. Amdro is, however, a toxic chemical that is not safe for use in vegetable gardens or areas children and animals play.

How Does Amdro Fire Ant Killer Work?

Amdro is a delayed-toxicity food chain killer. If this means nothing to you, you’re not alone. Our research revealed that Amdro Fire Ant Treatment attracts marching soldier ants out scouring for resources. Thinking the bait is food, these dutiful ants carry the poison masquerading as food back to the ant mound for feasting. All the fire ants who dine on Amdro die, including the queen. Once the queen is dead, an ant mound is a goner.

Product Specs

Amdro Fire Ant Yard Treatment bait offers unique features to get rid of fire ant colonies. Below we look at the most prominent of these features.

Mound Control

Because most ants live in subterranean tunnels they’ve dug, you aren’t likely to see most of them. Amdro is useful for killing fire ants. Even if you don’t know where a fire ant mound is located or how extensive the fire ant network is, Amdro gets the job done.


The five-pound bag of Amdro for fire ants is enough to treat mounds spread across 10,000 square feet of land. Amdro reports that it only takes one ounce or roughly two to five tablespoons of the product to kill a mound.

Action Time

After spreading Amdro, mounds are eradicated within two weeks. It takes one week or less to kill the queen fire ant. After the queen is dead, the other fire ants die quickly.

Ant Types

Besides fire ants, Amdro kills Argentine ants, bigheaded ants, and harvester ants to rid your property of all devastating ant infestations.


In this Amdro ant bait review, we’ve seen insecticide options sold at a variety of prices. All the choices we reviewed cost less than $20 but come in different sized packaging. Amdro is one of the most affordable fire ant killing insecticides, and they sell it in both large and small quantities.

Other fire ant killers cost more when considering the package quantity. The most expensive product we’ve reviewed is an all-natural product and safe for use around humans, animals, and edible plants. In a perfect world, we could always use an all-natural solution to get rid of aggressive fire ants; but this isn’t always possible.

Amdro Ant Bait Review—How It Compares

Fire ants are a different and dangerous breed of ants that can be deadly to those with a fire ant allergy. Allergy or not, fire ant bites and stings hurt. Even the best ant bait [link1] for common ants won’t suffice for fire ants. This AMDRO Ant Bait review compares AMDRO Fire Ant Bait to other fire ant baits to see if it’s worth the money.

  • Ortho Orthene Fire Ant Killer
  • Orange Guard 101 Home Pest Control
  • BioAdvanced Fire Ant Killer Dust

Amdro Ant Bait Review—How It Compares

No products found.

Amdro Ant Bait

No products found.

  • Application 
  • Effectiveness 
  • Safety 

Amdro comes in granules and can be used in a rotary broadcast spreader or a handheld granular spreader, which is convenient if you own these tools. For those who have a milder fire ant infestation, sprinkling the product works just as well.

Using a seek and destroy strategy, Amdro attracts ants so you don’t have to. Best practices for spreading the bait is to place the recommended ounce of product around mounds lightly so soldier ants will pick it up rather than dumping the bag on a mound.

When used as directed in a controlled outdoor area away from children, animals, and vegetable gardens, Amdro is safe to use. It’s an insecticide chemical meant to kill insects, and it is not safe for skin contact. Wild animals, birds, in particular, may also succumb to the poison in Amdro if ingested.

Ortho Orthene Fire Ant Killer

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Ortho Fire Ant Killer is a fast-acting granular bait to target the queen to kill mounds. Each 12-ounce container kills up to 162 mounds. Ortho Orthene’s active ingredient is acephate, which is an organophosphate insecticide. Orthene has a money-back guarantee if you aren’t happy with the product.

  • Application 
  • Effectiveness 
  • Safety 

Applying Orthene requires you to pour the fire ant killer on directly on top of the mound while the fire ants are active. For courageous people, this won’t be a problem, but if you have allergies to fire ants, you must get someone else if you want to use this product.

Ortho Orthene works well for getting rid of fire ants quickly. Another perk is it will take out cockroaches just as well.

Ortho Orthene is a toxic insecticide and they advise caution when using the product. Do not use Orthene near water sources or drains, gutters, or ditches as it can spread and harm humans and wildlife.

Orange Guard 103 Water Based Home Pest Control

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Orange Guard 103 is an all-natural water-based orange peel extract spray for pests, including fire ants. The gentle and natural formula is suitable for use inside and outside the home. Orange Guard suffocates bugs by melting the outer protective layer of the insect’s body. Orange Guard is EPA-registered and safe for use around humans, pets, and vegetable gardens.

  • Application 
  • Effectiveness 
  • Safety 

Orange Guard comes in a spray bottle that allows for precision contact with pests, but when dealing with fire ants, many people would prefer to remain at a distance.

Orange Guard 103 is effective at killing fire ants and other insects, but only on a one-off basis. This product will not kill a fire ant mound because it will never reach the queen. For spot treating fire ant mounds, it’s an excellent solution, but it will not be enough for many consumers.

The all-natural and non-toxic ingredients are the best reason to use Orange Guard. It’s safe for use around sensitive people and will not kill humans or wildlife.

BioAdvanced Fire Ant Killer Dust

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BioAdvanced is insecticidal dust to kill fire ants and destroy mounds. BioAdvanced was formerly called Bayer Advanced and has been used to treat mounds for decades. Each pound of BioAdvanced destroys up to 130 fire ant mounds. Within three days, BioAdvanced kills the queen fire ant to eliminate the colony rapidly. BioAdvanced uses the power of B-Cyfluthrin insecticide to eradicate pests.

  • Application 
  • Effectiveness 
  • Safety 

BioAdvanced has a convenient shaker lid to regulate the dust sprinkling, but it is best used on mounds directly.

The insecticide in BioAdvanced is powerful and kills fire ants quickly. Within a week, fire ant colonies are obliterated, and they stay gone for the entire season.

BioAdvanced, like all chemical insecticides, should be handled with care. Use this product outdoors in areas where humans and animals do not travel. For health and safety, never use BioAdvanced in or around vegetable gardens.


Wrapping up our Amdro Ant Bait review, we’ve learned that there are several excellent fire ant killing products on the market. Killing mounds of fire ants, unfortunately, isn’t possible with natural insecticides. We must use caution when using chemical insecticides.

Of all chemical insecticides reviewed here, Amdro stands out because it is the most price-conscious, and it doesn’t require contact with fire ants to work. Yes, it takes longer to kill mounds, but it is an effective pest control option when safety is a priority.

Featured Photo by Mikhail Vasilyev on Unsplash